The Centre for Social Impact awards various scholarships to current and future students studying their social impact education programs at UNSW, Swinburne University of Technology and The University of Western Australia each year.

Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of criteria, to applicants who demonstrate their ability to apply their learnings to affect social change across Australia.

Upcoming scholarships

CSI Board Scholarship:

1 x $10,000 – Available for any CSI degree program at UNSW, SWIN or UWA.

National CSI Social Impact Scholarships:

– 2 x $10,000 GCSI or GDCSI or MBAx (Social Impact) scholarships at UNSW
– 1 x $5,000 GCSI or GDCSI or MBAx (Social Impact) scholarship at UNSW
– 1 x $5,000 GCSI or Master of Social Impact scholarship at SWIN
– 2 x $10,000 GCSI or Master of Social Impact scholarships at SWIN
– 5 x $5,000 GCSI scholarships at UWA 

Indigenous Female Social Impact Scholarship (UNSW):

1 x $15,000 – Available for the GCSI or GDSI at UNSW.

Robin Crawford Memorial Scholarship (UNSW):

 1 x $5000 – Available for GCSI, GDSI or MBAx at UNSW

MBAx (Social Impact) Scholarships (UNSW):

2 x $12,500 and 1 x $25,000 – Available for the MBAx at UNSW.

Global Sustainability & Social Impact Scholarship (UNSW):

1 x $6000 – Available for the GCSI, GDSI or MBAx at UNSW.

More information

You are welcome to apply for multiple scholarships but the scholarships you wish to apply for needs to be identified on page two of the first scholarship application you complete.

As part of your application you will also need to submit a two-page CV and a letter of support/recommendation from a social impact organisation/employer which outlines your suitability and commitment to undertaking the program.

Successful scholarship recipients must commence using their scholarship funds no later than the first semester/trimester of 2023.

Scholarships for CSI Flinders will be offered in future rounds.

For further information please email [email protected] or visit the Centre for Social Impact’s website by clicking here.

Closing date

Scholarship applications close at midnight (AEST) on Tuesday, 26 April 2022. Applicants will be advised by Friday 13 May.