Outstanding Scholar Award Category – An Australian Leadership Hub (formerly Australian Scholarships Foundation) alumni scholar who has made a significant contribution to their organisations following studies undertaken as part of their scholarship. Entrants should reflect on the goals and potential impact they highlighted in their original scholarship application and detail what they have achieved against those goals and what the real-life impact has been.

Criteria to be addressed:

a) Reference back to their original scholarship application, how has the scholar taken the learnings from their scholarship program and introduced them to their organisation and team. For example:
  • Scholar has actively driven the introduction of changes within the organisation, in line with the focus of their studies
  • Scholar has shared the learnings with their colleagues or peers in the NFP sector, to increase capability throughout the organisation and sector more broadly.
b) Tangible impact has been made on the organisation and the individual as a result of the scholarship and the scholar’s dedication to implementing the learnings. For example:
  • Management, peers and direct reports have noted an improvement in the scholars quality of work and performance
  • The program has contributed to and improved the scholars career progression plans
  • Outstanding contribution.

Applicants must address the above criteria in their statement (500-word limit), and have their application verified by their direct manager, CEO or Board. Applicants can include up to two testimonials on letterhead, no longer than one page each and up to three items of supporting material.

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