We have brought together a selection of webinars and programs from across the sector to support your learning. If you are a charitable organisation or educational provider and would like to share your educational programs and events to support not-for-profit boards, management and emerging leaders please contact us.

Inspire – helping rising leaders manage teams with resilience and self-awareness

Provider: McKinsey Academy

Dates: Friday 5 November 2021.

Who should attend: The INSPIRE program helps rising leaders manage teams with resilience and self-awareness. This program is designed for leaders responsible for teams or functions within an organisation and executives of smaller organisations.  These programs are offered on a fee-waived basis to leaders currently working in a purpose-led organisation (i.e. non-profits, or social enterprises). Please note that this excludes government agencies, and political lobby groups.

Topics: One-day virtual leadership programs include
– Current leadership context
– Personal leadership
– Teaming and psychological safety
– Embedding ongoing change in your organisation.

Putting the ‘co’ in co-design and co-production: part two. 

Provider: Pro Bono Australia

Date: 9 November 2021 at 11:00 am

Location: Online – Live Tickets:$55 (in AUD)

Topics: Creating the conditions for success (and avoiding common pitfalls).

Join the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) and Centre for Mental Health Learning (CMHL) to learn about some of the most common ways that co-design activities fail to reach their potential and practical strategies to overcome them by creating enabling conditions.

Drawing on TACSI’s experience working with not-for-profit organisations, funders and commissioners, this masterclass will explore the critical mindsets for co-design, options for building co-design teams, how to set-up a healthy bureaucracy for innovation and include perspectives on how broader systems could evolve to create an enabling environment for co-design.

CMHL are taking up the role to support the mental health sector in Victoria to create the conditions for authentic co-design in alignment with the Royal Commission recommendations. Learn what they see as challenges and opportunities.

More than Money: Data, fundraising and your organisation

Provider: Perpetual with Stanford University

Date: Wed 15 September 2021 – event completed recording available

Topics: With many traditional funding sources under pressure, digital fundraising has never been more important for NFPs. But while it’s a major revenue opportunity, digital fundraising comes with its challenges. Who owns the data you generate when fundraising online? What risks does it create for your organisation? What can go wrong – and what does that mean for you and your donors?

Perpetual’s latest webinar answers these questions. Developed and presented by Lucy Bernholz from Stanford University’s Centre on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS), the session looks at:

  • Digital hygiene – how to keep your data safe
  • Third-party vendors and “data lock-in”
  • AI – the promise, the pitfalls – and how to “make sure the robots don’t kill us.”

This webinar was recorded on 15 September 2021, it features polls, insightful questions from a live Australian audience and resources you can share throughout your organisation.

Mastering Meetings for Not-for-profit Organisations

Provider: NFP Law is a program of Justice Connect a social justice organisation

Date: Tuesday 21 September 2021

Who should attend: Staff, committee members and volunteers of not-for-profit organisations.


  • Types of meetings and key differences
  • When you are required to hold meetings
  • Notice requirements
  • Rules about online meetings and postponement
  • Running a legally compliant meeting

If you are a charitable organisation or educational provider and would like to share your programs and events to support not-for-profit boards, management and emerging leaders please contact us.