After almost 20 years of dedicated service providing access to free and subsidised scholarships and programs to build the capacity of for-purpose leaders across Australia, Australian Scholarships Limited (ASL) trading as the Australian Leadership Hub announces that it is closing operations and transferring its legacy to the Social Impact Hub Foundation.

“As we assess the competitive funding environment, particularly for capacity-building organisations like ASL, who work behind the scenes, transferring operations to the Social Impact Hub Foundation, an organisation with similar objectives makes sense. We believe it is the right step to preserve the legacy, valuable resources and knowledge accumulated by ASL, so they can be made accessible to future generations of leaders,” said Dr Melinda Muth, Chair of Australian Scholarships Limited.

“Social Impact Hub is committed to building the capability of for purpose sector leaders across Australia. We have collaborated closely with ASL over the past few years, including running impact measurement courses together, offering scholarships for our Social Impact Fellowship program and screening the documentary film UnCharitable. ASL has played a valuable role in facilitating leadership development opportunities for for-sector professionals over almost 20 years and we hope to continue this legacy,” said Jessica Mendoza-Roth, CEO of Social Impact Hub Foundation.

In reflecting on the decision, Louisa Graham CEO of ASL, expressed gratitude for the support and dedication of all those who have contributed to ASL’s success. “Our dedicated team, supported by the board, is immensely proud of the impact we have made and the relationships we have built over the years. ASL has been an important catalyst in addressing the critical need for management education opportunities at scale in a sector dealing with often complex operating environments. Under the stewardship of Social Impact Hub, we look forward to the spirit of leadership continuing to resonate across Australia’s for-purpose sector for years to come.”

About ASL
Established in 2006 first as the Australian Scholarships Foundation then later as Australian Scholarships Limited, ASL has held a unique position in advancing cross-sector partnerships with Education Providers and Funders to address the lack of affordable and accessible professional development opportunities available for leaders in not-for-profits, social enterprises and charities. Through a myriad of scholarships and more recently awards and events, ASL has developed and empowered countless individuals to unlock their leadership potential and drive positive change within their respective spheres of influence, building the capacity of their organisations. ASL has delivered over 5,000 Scholarships valued at over 19 million dollars.

About Social Impact Hub Foundation
The Social Impact Hub Foundation is a charity with DGR1 status that increases the capability of purpose driven organisations and people to build the impact ecosystem and mobilise funding for impact.