The McKinsey Executive Leadership Program is run for over 200 executives from the private, public, NFP and social sectors across Australia. This year over 30 scholarships have been awarded to not-for-profit executive leaders to join this leadership development program.

The program is offered in two, one-week residential blocks plus remote learning and coaching sessions. Week one commences in May 2022.

We wish all the winners the very best with their studies and know they will enjoy the opportunity to break from their busy schedules to learn with peers whilst gaining new perspectives and practices to take back to their teams.

The 2022 recipients include:

Congrats everyone, enjoy your studies.

Read more about the McKinsey Executive Leadership Program scholarships for not-for-profit leaders here.

McKinsey Young Leaders Forum – 2022

There are also 100 places available to join the McKinsey Young Leaders Forum 2022 opening on 23 May 2022. Read more.

More than 400 scholarships are planned for 2022, read more on current scholarships open for applications.

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2021 winners!

There were 414 scholarship recipients in 2021. Read full details of our scholarships offered in 2021 and winners.

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