The Young Leaders Forum has been by far the most inspiring and informative program I have ever been a part of. From day one the speakers and content was of such a high standard which carried through the full three days. The way in which this was structured allowed the group to connect not only with the speakers but with other participants regularly. This created an opportunity far greater than individual learning. It allowed for networking and creating connections and gaining different perspectives along the way. During this forum there were a few key speakers that really resonated with me and as I continued researching these topics, I have found an area that inspires me on a deeper level. I have found something that will fulfill my passion and drive to make a difference wherever I am. I believe this will have a massive impact on my future both professionally and personally. This would not have been possible without the Young Leaders Forum and I will be forever grateful for being given the opportunity to attend. I highly recommend this program to anyone in a leadership position, it has the potential to change your life.