My favourite component of the learning experience was seeing the close bonds we all formed with fellow members. Although we did not spend a significant amount of time together, the cohort connected quickly, which allowed for open discussion and debate on key leadership topics throughout the program. I finished the program equipped with a toolkit of information and resources that I could use for an array of leadership discussions and activities. With my recently obtained knowledge, I wanted to support those around me to help everyone become a better leader. I immediately approached our CEO and offered to facilitate learning sessions with operations and senior-level staff on topics like ‘your personality and its impact on others’ and ‘performance building’. The series has since evolved into quarterly sessions and now forms a crucial part of an emerging leaders development program within the organisation. I still feel very fortunate to have received a Give for Good Scholarship to partake in a leadership program with Melbourne Business School. The impact it has had on my life has been tremendous. Upon completion, I had a newfound appreciation for learning, and soon after, I enrolled to complete a Master of Business Administration, which I will finish in 2022.