ELP was the circuit breaker I needed to give me the perspective and space I needed to reassess, realign, and reconnect to my purpose. To have the opportunity to meet amazing and inspiring people from across our region was such a privilege and will result in lifelong connections I have no doubt. To learn together, laugh together and share our stories in a safe and supportive environment is something I deeply valued and helped me on my journey. To tackle challenges, see opportunities and grow my ability to hold discomfort and uncertainty while leading as best as I can. For me, the session with Mahana Culture was the connector of the entire program. To be gathered as a group on a grassy lawn wedged between a concrete conference centre and a paperbark swamp forest, with the sound of bird song, aeroplanes and heavy machinery all around. For me, this was the symbol of our struggle to connect with people, place and self with countless distractions around us, good and bad. It was a learning experience I will carry forever and reinforced for me the importance of stillness in mind body and soul, regardless of the place and situation we stand.