I found the AICD course to be immersive, invigorating and deeply satisfying. The facilitators, materials and cohort that I worked with were of the highest calibre. The professional development opportunities are tremendous, as are the impacts undertaking these activities can have on both the individual and our organisations. I serve on the Board of the Laurel House Association as Deputy Chair. Laurel House is a sexual assault support service who provide 24/7 crisis support, counselling and advocacy for survivors of sexual assault. The skills I have learnt from the AICD course further empower me to continue to advocate for survivors, and offer mentoring to my fellow Board Members. The course bedded down knowledge around governance, risk & strategy, which has given me complete confidence in my ability to understand high-level concepts and strategy and how these may have an impact. I am confident in my ability to provide valuable insight and context to decisions and navigate the implementation of strategies alongside a broad range of stakeholders.