Dr Ricki Smith

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Dr Ricki Smith is an experienced leader of more than 30 years including 12 in the not for profit sector.  She is passionate about developing the capabilities of the sector through the development of leaders and as CEO of a national assessment organisation is skilled in the development and use of assessment tools in fair, equitable and defendable decision making.   Ricki has personally experienced in rigorous evaluation panels as a successful Churchill Fellow and in defending her doctoral thesis. 

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Our volunteer assessment panels

Each scholarship we facilitate is allocated a volunteer assessment panel aligned with the eligibility criteria of the scholarship and including not-for-profit, education and corporate sector leaders.

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Professional development webinars and events 2021

We have brought together a selection of webinars and programs from across the sector to support your learning. If you are a charitable organisation or...

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Over 200 scholarships to uplift not-for-profit sector skills for board members and leaders

11 August 2021 The Australian Scholarships Foundation has announced over 200 scholarships in partnership with Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), Stanford Australia Foundation and...

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