McKinsey & Company Australia and New Zealand and the Australian Scholarships Foundation are partnering on a major research effort to provide a deeper understanding of drivers of organisational health and capability needs across Australia’s social sector. A report of research findings is due for release later this year.

The research uses McKinsey & Company’s Organisational Health Index (OHI)’– a powerful diagnostic tool McKinsey have used with 2000+ organisations (6 million+ responses) globally over two decades. The OHI measures how ‘healthy’ an organisation is, how it aligns around mission and strategy, executes with excellence, and renews itself to sustainably achieve its aspirations.

Findings will be based on 4,000+ OHI survey responses across 37 prominent Australian social sector organisations and sector CEO roundtables and in-depth case studies on non-profits who are out-performing, even in the current environment.

McKinsey will release a report on the findings to provide a fact base around the current state of organisational health across the sector, and practical guidance for leaders on where and how to focus effort, recognising the challenges the sector faces. 

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