We have brought together a selection of webinars and programs from across the sector supporters to support your learning. If you are a charitable organisation or education provider and would like to work with us to share your educational programs and events to support not-for-profit boards, management and emerging leaders please contact us.

Mission Delivery –
Leadership capability building for the not-for-profit sector​ 

McKinsey and Company are running three Mission Delivery programs in 2023, tailored for:

  • Team Leaders
  • CEOs & Executives
  • Board Directors

Outcomes Measurement Workshop – online

Provider: Centre for Social Impact UWA

The workshops will:

  • Provide you with a background to the relevance and importance of outcomes measurement
  • Teach you how to measure and assess your organisation’s impact
  • Develop your understanding of the difference you’re making and how to report it

Share your ideas

IdeaSpies purpose is sharing ideas that do good. Find more on NFP ideas here or share your ideas by signing up at this link.

Governance for Social Impact

As a not-for-profit (NFP) board member, your role is a critical one. Alongside overseeing organisational sustainability, you must also play a role in optimising its social impact. Designed by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI), this course draws on a deep evidence based to help you lift your gaze to better understand your role and responsibilities in achieving lasting social change.

Who Should Attend

Current board members from across the Australian NFP sector, including non-executive directors from NFP’s, social enterprises, philanthropic organisations or corporate foundations. It may also be beneficial for those considering a NFP board role and those in senior leadership roles at for-purpose organisations.


Sydney: 2 – 3 August 2023 (Professional Development Grants available! Download the application form below)
Melbourne: 13-14 September 2023

Cost: Depending on the structure, size and turnover of your not-for-profit organisation the course fees are discounted. The course fee for participants from for-profit organisations is $3,575.

Upcoming webinars – Connecting Up

Connecting Up have a range of free webinars on offer for NFPs. Membership is free.

More than Money: Data, fundraising and your organisation

Provider: Perpetual with Stanford University
Date: Event completed recording available
Topics: With many traditional funding sources under pressure, digital fundraising has never been more important for NFPs. But while it’s a major revenue opportunity, digital fundraising comes with its challenges. Who owns the data you generate when fundraising online? What risks does it create for your organisation? What can go wrong – and what does that mean for you and your donors?

Perpetual’s latest webinar answers these questions. Developed and presented by Lucy Bernholz from Stanford University’s Centre on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS), the session looks at:

  • Digital hygiene – how to keep your data safe
  • Third-party vendors and “data lock-in”
  • AI – the promise, the pitfalls – and how to “make sure the robots don’t kill us.”

This webinar was recorded on 15 September 2021, it features polls, insightful questions from a live Australian audience and resources you can share throughout your organisation.

If you are a charitable organisation or educational provider and would like to share your programs and events to support not-for-profit boards, management and emerging leaders please contact us.