Non-profits with 20 plus staff can take the Organisational Health Index (OHI) survey, receive a custom report benchmarked against others and learn best practices to improve their organisational health. The deadline to apply is 14 April 2023.

As a result of the high demand experienced during our research collaboration with McKinsey and Company on the organisational health of the non-profit sector in 2021, McKinsey’s global pro bono team have made the OHI diagnostic tool available to non-profits globally in 2023.

With a global database of 7 million responses across 2,500+ private, public, and social sector organistions, the OHI tool helps organisations align around a common mission, execute with excellence, and continually renew itself.

Non-profits with 20 plus staff can take the OHI survey, receive a custom report benchmarked against others and learn best practices to improve their organisational health. This ‘self-service’ model (slightly different to our 2021 support model) allows this tool to be available at greater scale. The first 2023 cohort deadline to apply is Friday, 14 April. There may also be future offerings later in the year. Learn more about the OHI and apply to take part in the first round here.

OHI confirms some things we’ve seen in engagement surveys but provides more in-depth results and immediately sheds light on what we need to improve impact.


Eligibility criteria

To participate in this survey, organisations must meet certain eligibility criteria, including among others:

  • Nonprofits must have at least 20 staff members (i.e., full-time and part-time staff, and contractors working in a staff augmentation capacity who are responsible for core operations)
  • Nonprofits cannot be hospitals or health care systems, universities, lobbying organizations, or government- or state-owned entities
  • Nonprofits must pass a screening against standard international Watchlists and Sanctions lists.

2021 OHI research collaboration and report

Looking at the healthiest organisations the report, Building from purpose: Unlocking the power of Australia’s not-for-profit sector, found a pattern of three essential capabilities: talent growth, execution excellence and system shaping (Diagram 1). To ensure robust health, an organisation needs to achieve effectiveness in all these capabilities; however, the research shows that most organisations face challenges in at least two of these areas.

To read more on the three capabilities identified to support not-for-profits in building healthy organisations download the full Building from purpose report.

Table showing 35% of organisations are above median benchmark for Talent Growth, 40% are above benchmark for Execution Excellence, and 60% are above benchmark for System Shaping