We know some people find it difficult to have conversations with their direct manager or employer about supporting their professional development with time away from their work and their busy days, so we have put together a few tips to help you be prepared and feel confident to chat about the opportunity with your boss.

1. Do your homework

Before you meet with your boss do your homework, so you’re informed and know all about the opportunity

  • Review in detail the scholarship information to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Read all the course information as detailed on our webpages and also refer directly to the education provider website to understand the requirements, expectations, and timelines of the course, and ensure you able to commit the relevant time. In particular, make note of any potential time off work that may be required.

Harvard Business School Online suggests you create a pitch like you would a formal negotiation. “Go into the discussion with clearly outlined and rehearsed messages about what you hope to gain and how it will benefit your boss and organization. Anticipate objections and be prepared to address them.”

2. Review your professional development plan

If you have a professional development plan with your employer, consider how this course links in with your professional development plan.

Make a note of the key benefits of attending the course. Consider the benefits to you personally and how you will be able to implement your learnings to improve your current role and assist your organisation.

3. Understand all the documents requiring approval

Most scholarship applications require an Endorsement Letter that your employer will need to provide for you. Ensure you understand this requirement prior to speaking with your employer so that you can accurately request their assistance.

Some scholarships attract an Employer Contribution fee. I recommend you read the FAQ in regards to this fee and also ascertain the relevant fee from the scholarships information page. It is important your employer is aware of this cost. The Employer Contribution allows you to attend a high-quality course at a fraction of the cost whilst still receiving the full benefits.

4. Diarise the deadlines

If your employer agrees to support your application, set aside time with them to go through the application questions with you and offer feedback on your responses, prior to submission.

Ensure you have also diarised for the employer endorsement letter to be finalised well in advance of the application deadline, so you are not chasing them for this at the last minute.

5. Say thank you

A thank you goes a long way. Make the time to say thank you to your employer on your application. Then when other learning opportunities arise they are likely to remember how much you value these opportunities.

Do you still have questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions to double-check your understanding of applying for a scholarship. Or call us on 1300 248 675.