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Chloe Horner, Manager – Student Programs, CERES Community Environment Park, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Chloe Horner

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Young Leaders Forum. The interactive nature of the course kept me engaged throughout. It was a highly supportive course, which expanded my understanding of management; one that considers all aspects of people. It gave me the confidence to manage and land on my feet no matter what happens! It reminded me that collaborative leadership is shared leadership, not something that rests with the people at the ‘top’. I was not confident an online course would be as impactful as face-to-face. I was proven wrong. The presenters, content and facilitation style was brilliant. I highly recommend this course and will be using the knowledge gained and resources for years to come. I felt challenged and incredibly inspired by the course. Thank you again for the opportunity."

Shelley Cable, CEO Generation One, Minderoo Foundation, Company Directors Course for Indigenous Business Leaders, Australian Institute of Company Directors (2019)
Shelley Cable

"Receiving a partial scholarship from ASF made all the difference in being able to participate in the AICD's flagship Company Directors Course. It was a privilege to attend the Company Directors Course with like-minded Indigenous business leaders and share the next step in our directorship journeys together. Having completed the Company Director's course and qualification, I'm more confident in my ability to support my community through directorship, and it has absolutely been a pivotal step in my career to date. Thank you ASF and the AICD for this opportunity."

Brittany Somerfield, Services Manager- Defined Programs, Community Living & Respite Services, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020) 
Brittany Somerfield

"Being part of the Young Leaders Forum last year, is an experience in learning like no other, and won’t be soon forgotten. It has equipped me to be mindful about how I intend to practice as a leader in my organisation but has also provided a framework and a road map on how to continually improve my practice. The Forum was extremely well resourced, planned and delivered via an online platform due to COVID 19 restrictions, however this did not impact the quality or delivery of the content. I would not hesitate to recommend this to those who are new or emerging leaders in their organisations."

Steven Gibson, Executive Leader, Commercial & Finance, The Salvation Army Aged Care, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Steven Gibson

"I want to say how grateful I am for the opportunity presented by the Australian Scholarships Foundation and McKinsey & Co to attend the ANZ Executive Leadership Program.  With COVID, the course was run over zoom, but this did not distract from the professionalism of the speakers and the value of the content learnt. The exposure to other manager’s experiences, insights and reflections was a great component of the course. I have made some valuable friendships who understand my journey and path and have been great advocates to improving my executive leadership skills. I truly felt the value of this program and was able to take these new learned skills back into our organisation."

Krista Dunstan, Investment and Trade Commissioner, ASEAN, Company Directors Course – Australian Institute of Company Directors (2019)
Krista Dunstan

"My scholarship gave me the opportunity to develop my professional skills in order to stay competitive and assist me in fine tuning what I have to offer. On a personal note, it showed me that someone was willing to invest in me and that boosted my confidence in stepping out in the workplace."

David Loiacono, General Manager, Commercial Training and Sales, St John Ambulance Australia (Vic) Inc, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
David Loiacono

"The scholarship awarded to St John Ambulance to facilitate my attendance at the 2020 McKinsey Executive Leadership Program represented an important opportunity for me to further develop my capabilities with other like-minded executives and internationally celebrated thought leaders. I am a more effective leader through my attendance at this program and as a result, am better equipped to lead my organisation to achieve meaningful results that will translate into valued outcomes for the community. My sincere thanks to the Australian Scholarships Foundation for working across the NFP sector to advance such opportunities."

Sonia Di Mezza, CEO, Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services, Master of Business Administration - Kaplan Business School (2019)
Sonia Di Mezza

"Winning the Kaplan MBA scholarship has made a real difference to my leadership path. A day after winning the scholarship, I commenced my first role as a CEO. Studying for an MBA has provided me with the knowledge I need to be an effective CEO in the not-for-profit sector, and I am continuing to learn and grow with each and every lecture I attend. I remain grateful to ASF for awarding to me such a life changing scholarship."

Dermot O'Gorman, CEO, WWF-Australia, Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Non-Profit Leadership - Fulbright Australia (2020)
Dermot O'Gorman

"I am grateful for my 2020 Fulbright Scholarship and the opportunity it has enabled me to spend time at the Stanford Digital Civil Society Lab exploring the future of NGOs.  COVID-19 has both accelerated digital disruption and reaffirmed the value of civil society which makes my Fulbright Australia - US knowledge exchange all the more relevant. Of course, being unable to travel to the US in 2020 has not dampened my enthusiasm – as I’ve continued connecting digitally with leaders in the US to explore these rapidly emerging trends. In 2021, I am looking forward to testing and validating collaborative solutions in person and bringing both innovations and friendships back to Australia."

Jessica Whykes, Zone Development Manager Far North Queensland, Police-Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) Queensland, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Jess Whykes

"The Young Leaders forum has been by far the most inspiring and informative program I have ever been a part of.  From day one the speakers and content was of such a high standard which carried through the full three days.  The way in which this was structured allowed the group to connect not only with the speakers but with other participants regularly.  This created an opportunity far greater than individual learning.  It allowed for networking and creating connections and gaining different perspectives along the way.  During this forum there were a few key speakers that really resonated with me and as I continued researching these topics, I have found an area that inspires me on a deeper level. I have found something that will fulfill my passion and drive to make a difference wherever I am.  I believe this will have a massive impact on my future both professionally and personally. This would not have been possible without the Young Leaders Forum and I will be forever grateful for being given the opportunity to attend.  I highly recommend this program to anyone in a leadership position, it has the potential to change your life."

Peter Leaversuch, CEO, Royal Life Saving Society WA Inc, Strategic Development Program for NFP Organisations – AIM WA + UWA (2019)
Peter Leaversuch

"The NFP sector impacts so many people and areas of life. Having a Strategic Development Program that specifically targets the needs and challenges faced by NFP leaders is incredibly valuable."

Dr. Nicky Howe, CEO, Southcare, Strategic Development Program for NFP Organisations – AIM WA + UWA (2019)
Nicky Howe

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to undertake the program. It gave me the time to reflect on our organisation and how we are making strategic decisions in line with our vision, purpose and values. It also highlighted the importance of understanding our costs of goods sold in a highly regulated and competitive aged care system. I would recommend the program as all learning is useful."

Joanna, Director of Fundraising, Marketing, Volunteering and Communication, Parramatta Mission, Doctor of Business Leadership - AGSL at Torrens University (2020)
Joanna Armstrong

"I am very grateful to ASF for giving me the opportunity to study for the Doctor of Business Leadership. I had previously looked into further study but it had not been feasible. My course is good and I am learning a lot especially from my course mates. Thank you ASF for allowing me this opportunity."

Robbie Goedecke, International Projects Officer, Australian Water Association, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Robbie Goedecke

"I found the course to be a personally refreshing experience of how to authentically lead myself and others and to contribute to strategic discussion within the workplace. I have also used techniques from the forum to create more psychologically safe environments that encourages regular and honest feedback from team members while enabling discussion and debate on how best respond to emerging challenges in the workplace. Overall, the forum has allowed me to approach the challenges being faced in my not-for-profit organisation proactively and to lead conversations that identify solutions for enabling the sustainable operation and digital transformation of my organisation, particular as we respond to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic."

Leon Norris, Regional Manager, Joblink Midwest, Design Thinking – AIM WA + UWA (2019)
Leon Norris

"Living and working in regional WA limits the opportunities for professional development due to course and travel costs. The Australian Scholarships Foundation provided a great opportunity for me to attend the Design Thinking course in Perth. I was able to liaise with other NFP managers, share experiences and gain skills from the course relative to my role. By engaging my staff in strategic planning activities utilising Design Thinking principles has been beneficial to the organisation and the services we provide to our clients and stakeholders."

Anna Jane Linke, Founder & CEO, Seaside Scavenge, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Anna Jane Linke

"The opportunity from ASF to join the 3 day Young Leaders Forum was invaluable. The course presenters and opportunity to network was upbeat and used cutting edge techniques to keep us all engaged and active despite being delivered through Zoom. I would recommend highly to anyone interested in broadening their management skills."

Dr. Odette Pearson, Senior Research Fellow at Wardliparingga Aboriginal Health Equity, SAHMRI and Adjunct Senior Fellow at Adelaide Medical School, Company Directors Course for Indigenous Business Leaders, Australian Institute of Company Directors (2019)
Odette Pearson

"The program was beyond expectation – I didn’t think it would be so rich in information and application to everything we do. I thought it would be a hard slog, but the facilitators brought it to life. It was an amazing opportunity to meet Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working across all sectors; high achievers and inspirational. The exam prep day was excellent and gave us the opportunity to ask questions. There is definitely a need for this program as there is an expectation from our own organisations and an emphasis from private and government organisations to have Indigenous directors. Indigenous people sit on Advisory Boards (which is what I did) then once you get enough experience, you are asked to sit on a board. The course organisation was fantastic and the online portal excellent and we were all treated professionally by Perpetual and AICD. It was heaps of fun."

Professor Stephen van Leeuwen, BHP Curtin Indigenous Chair of Biodiversity and Environmental Science, Curtin University, Company Directors Course for Indigenous Business Leaders, Australian Institute of Company Directors (2019)
Stephen van Leeuwen

"AICD’s Indigenous business leaders CDC training was outstanding, tailored to meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders with relevant culturally appropriate case studies, delivered by knowledgeable, informed and friendly business managers and experienced company director practitioners with real world experience. The course helped me develop my career as a member of advisory boards and as a senior leader of research programs. It has provided the knowledge and knowhow required to effectively and efficiently participate in the operations of such facilities to benefit stakeholder, partners and community. I would unreservedly recommend this course to any and all aspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders."

Melissa Sibraa, Education Senior Project Officer, Black Dog Institute, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Melissa Sibraa

"I was really looking forward to the Young Leaders Forum, but when I realised it would be delivered via Zoom, I didn’t think I could do it. To my surprise, it was THE best, most impactful professional development course I have done to date in a a face to face or online format. The delivery was continuously changing keeping it engaging and interactive and, the speakers were brilliant. The content of this course forced me to be really reflective of myself, my practices and those of the team which has allowed me to think about how the learnings can be implemented to benefit us. Thanks to all the speakers and organisers of this event – I really appreciate it!"

Camilla Pandolfini, Principal Solicitor, Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Camilla Pandolfini

"The McKinsey Young Leaders Forum was absolutely fantastic, and I am so grateful to have received a scholarship which allowed me to participate.  The Young Leaders Forum was really well crafted and involved so many inspiring, passionate and knowledgeable presenters.  I gained an incredible amount of insight into how to improve my leadership practices for the benefit of our organisation and the work we do.  I felt challenged, inspired and motivated by the course.  The interactive nature of the course meant it was incredibly engaging and I will remember and engage with the content for many years to come."

Zara Torre, CEO & Founder, The Difference Co, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Zara Torre

"Being awarded a scholarship through ASF to be involved with the McKinsey Young Leaders Forum, has been an incredible way to cap off the year that was 2021. Although we didn't get the opportunity to be face to face for the delivery of the course, the knowledge and the energy was palpable from every presenter. This was an outstanding Forum, full of bright and capable individuals, and I feel incredibly grateful to the ASF for the scholarship. It will definitely be a highlight for me and help me continue to lead the trajectory of our app for non-profits, The Difference. Thank you for this insightful opportunity."

Elaine Johnson, Director of Legal Strategy, Environmental Defenders Office, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Elaine Johnson

"I was so fortunate to have been able to participate in the Young Leaders Forum at the McKinsey Academy through a scholarship for Not For Profits. The training was first class, and has gifted me many important skills as I move into a new leadership role in my work. The course also has allowed me to develop new relationships with other young leaders that have endured beyond the three days. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to develop their leadership skills in the workplace. Thank you McKinsey Academy!"

Chanh Tieu, Financial Controller, St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra Goulburn, CPA Program - CPA Australia (2020)
Chanh Tieu

"I am very pleased and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of this scholarship award.

By awarding me the CPA Program Scholarship, you have reduced my financial burden, which allows me to focus on my CPA program and not worry so much about how I am going to find other income source to fund for CPA program.

I will thrive hard to learn and absorb as much as knowledge that I can from CPA and will maintain them annually to contribute to sustainability of my workplace, St Vincent de Paul and broader communities including Vietnamese Language School and other communities in the ACT. I will be a trusted accountant that can provide expertise and advice for people with financial concerns, especially in mother-tongue language for Vietnamese people in Australia.

I hope one day I will also be able to help struggling students reach their goals in higher education by assisting them in the same way you are helping me. Thank you very much for your generosity."

Sandra Emmanuel, President, Rotaract Club of Perth, Strategic Social Media Course - AIM WA + UWA Executive Education (2019)
Sandra Emmanuel

"Scholarships that ASF offer are invaluable to staff and volunteers of NFP organisations as budgets are often very limited and development is not always the priority. I thoroughly enjoyed the Strategic Social Media training as it helped enhance my marketing skills and develop in-depth knowledge in five days. I was able to put into practice what I learned and share the insights gathered with the rest of my team."

James Montgomery, CEO, AFL SportsReady, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
James Montgomery

"The opportunity to receive an ASF / McKinsey Academy scholarship to participate in the Executive Leadership Program as the COVID-19 pandemic started was both the best and worst timing!

As an NFP CEO navigating through such enormous uncertainly I was not convinced that the time on my own development would be as valuable as time managing the business. However the timing, learnings and investment proved to be pivotal in working through the impact of COVID. Leading self, leading others and leading organisations was a great way to help frame my leadership and our organisation’s recovery and the lessons learnt from the McKinsey program will have an impact on me and our business for years to come.

I am extremely grateful for the support, understanding and patience of the team at the ASF and McKinsey as I grappled with the decision to progress with the Scholarship and am extremely glad I did take the opportunity."

Domenic Crouch, Chief Operating Officer, The Good Chat Foundation, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Domenic Crouch

"I'd like to express my gratitude to ASF for the opportunity to participate in the Young Leaders Forum recently. It was such an amazing experience of personal growth and I know that my organisation will benefit from the lessons I've learnt. The McKinsey team, and all the supporters who gave their expertise, did an amazing job facilitating learning, connection and opportunity. Thank you for considering me and my experience worthy of this opportunity. I'm extremely grateful and hope that I can now lead the community change we envisage with greater competence and effectiveness."

Narelle McGeoch, Executive Officer, Youthworks and Radio Northern Beaches, Master of Business Administration - Kaplan Business School (2020)
Narelle McGeoch

"Thank you to the Australian Scholarships Foundation and to Kaplan Business School for making this opportunity available. I am completely overwhelmed and extremely humbled to receive this scholarship. It is undoubtedly a life-changing opportunity for me, and one that I will ensure many other people reap the benefits from in the years to come.

I am incredibly grateful yet still in shock. I keep reading the email to ensure that I have interpreted it correctly.  I have tried so hard over the years to work out ways to afford this degree, but it has never been within my reach.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I genuinely believe that this degree will change my life and equip me with the knowledge and education I need to change the life of so many people for the better."

Royce Gelmi, Executive Manager and Corporate Support, The Patricia Giles Centre, Diploma of Business (Governance) - Institute of Community Directors Australia (2019)
Royce Gelmi

"I am grateful for the opportunity provided by the Australian Scholarship Foundation to study the Diploma of Business (Governance).  The material delivered was enriching and relevant for the development and implementation of suitable policy and procedure to deliver effective governance within the NFP sector."

Miriam Dexter, CEO, Snowdome Foundation, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Miriam Dexter

"Attending the Executive Leadership Program at the McKinsey Academy was an outstanding opportunity to be inspired by world experts as well as reflect with a network of colleagues that helped put a practical lens to the leadership learning. This course exceeded my expectations and I feel more equipped as a not-for-profit leader. In addition to the leadership knowledge, we also gained exposure to the McKinsey approach to strategy.  This was incredibly insightful and provided immediate opportunities to evolve our organisation's strategic planning. I would highly recommend this course for experienced not-for-profit leaders wanting to take the next step in their personal and organisational development."

Karen Cooper, Coordinator of Youth Services, Encounter Youth, Youth Involvement Council – Melbourne Business School (2019)
Karen Cooper

"After this life changing experience, I was able to grow confidently in my role as a leader, this lead to a promotion and I landed a role I never imagined I could do in the past. The presenters made the material interesting and practical and were key to the process. If you are not sure if you should do this….put in the application, your life will change!!"

Fiona McLoughlin, House and Family Room Manager, Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney, Executive Leadership Program – McKinsey Academy (2020)
Fiona McLoughlin

"As an emerging leader in the not for profit sector, I highly recommend the ELP program. The topic selection is designed to challenge your thoughts, teach you techniques whilst hearing from leading industry professionals; but most of all it is designed to inspire. I have walked away with a renewed passion for what I do and how I do it."

Andrew Scholefield, Education Manager, Encounter Youth, New Leaders Development Program – Melbourne Business School (2019)
Andrew Scholefield

"In just one week, the New Leaders Development Program instilled in me some incredibly practical lessons that have profoundly shaped my leadership. It has been over a year since the program and I am still continually using and refining the tools and strategies that were taught to grow and develop myself and my team."

Suzanne Toumbourou, Executive Director, Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC), Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Suzanne Toumbourou

"The McKinsey Executive Leadership Program is challenging, immersive and rewarding. Normally this program would be held off-site and in person but due to COVID-19, it was convened online. The organisers did a marvellous job of imparting knowledge, building relationships and delivering real value via web-conference and I'm grateful for their great ability to adapt, innovate and engage through the challenges of 2020!"

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Executive Director, Plastic Free Foundation, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

"The ELP was an opportunity to reflect and learn how to grow in response to the all important question ‘Am I using the talent and skills I have in service to service the needs I see around me?’ The fundamental importance of wellness, developing skills to become a mindful leader and creating a culture of psychological safety were all learning highlights for me. Despite being entirely online the course was delivered in a way that combined learning with working in groups with diverse leaders across the country in a way that provided practical opportunities to implement changes.

I don’t think I will fully appreciate or realise the impact of the ELP for many years to come. It has not only made me a better leader but a better human….and better able to show up and take on some of the issues facing people and our planet. This year has taught us that we need to be resilient and adaptive in the face of uncertainty and I can think of no better way to do this as a society than by developing the leadership of people in positions to make a difference."

Anne Frankenberg, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Musica Viva Australia, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Anne Frankenberg

"The Executive Leadership Program was an opportunity to challenge and test my capabilities, learn from some of the smartest minds on the planet, and bounce off a cohort of wise and capable fellow participants. It's helped me to think deeply about leadership, both my own, and what I see in others."

Prem Nair, CFO, EPIC Employment Service Inc, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Prem Nair

"I have been extremely humbled to have received a sponsorship to pursue the Executive Leadership Program (ELP) with McKinsey Academy.

The ELP has armed me with new skills, gained through the diverse course content and global quality of the facilitators. This has helped me to consider my role as a servant leader and more so as a fellow human being when dealing with my colleagues and others. This renewed sense of self-awareness is helping me gain greater insights as a person and to fused these elements into a more sustainable organisation where each staff member can realise their potential and contribute to the overall strategy of a sustainable NFP organisation.   The ELP has also generated a wonderful network of high calibre leaders who, have in their DNA not only a sense of purpose but a willingness to share experiences and their journey. The course has been a truly inspiring opportunity in spite of not having physical contact with the participants and engaging through Zoom (I believe, this in a first!).

I have no hesitation in recommending this course to leaders who want to make a difference."

Matthew Mullane, NDIS Business Development and Partnerships Manager, 3Bridges Community, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Matthew Mullane

"Being awarded this scholarship has enabled me to fulfill my potential as a leader, great leadership mentors are difficult to find but this ELP has provided me unrestricted access to mentors, course material & on-going learning. The ELP was one of the most rewarding courses in have ever been a part of, the impact after only a week was recognised by my team. I am a much better leader after having this opportunity."

Bernadette Nugent, CEO, Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV), Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Bernadette Nugent

"I am incredibly grateful to the ASF for awarding me with the opportunity to complete the McKinsey Academy Executive Leadership course. Working in an NFP, our financial priorities are client services, and therefore I would not have been able to do the course without the scholarship. The course exceeded my expectations and I have grown significantly as a leader and learnt many skills and strategies that I believe will benefit our organisation and the community we serve."

Patricia Vaz, General Manager Corporate Services, Community Housing Ltd, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Patricia Vaz

"The ELP Program has transformed the way I lead my area and influence the organisation. The quality of the faculty, the tools presented and discussions were extremely current and relevant to all aspects of life and work. I became a self-aware person, a more conscious leader and I feel empowered and motivated to create positive change in the organisation and our sector."

Jonathon Hunyor, CEO, Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Jonathon Hunyor

"This was an exceptional opportunity to stretch myself professionally, learning from world-renowned experts. Leadership is never easy, least of all in our current times, but the Executive Leadership Program has given me a range of new skills, invaluable insights and a network of colleagues with whom I can face the challenge."

Alexander Jackson, Centre Manager ACT/ADFA & Australia National Program Lead, AIME Mentoring, Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Alexander Jackson

"The scholarship gave me an opportunity that I simply would not have been able to take otherwise. The McKinsey Executive Leadership Program has allowed me to network with world class leaders from around Australia and New Zealand and provided me with access to leadership training that has progressed my career."

Grant Fenton, Executive Officer, Environment Education Victoria (EEV), Executive Leadership Program - McKinsey Academy (2020)
Grant Fenton

"The Executive Leadership Program at the McKinsey Academy has been a game-changer for me. The timing was perfect. I'd commenced a new role in a small NFP organisation and of course it was 2020. The program linked me with a broad range of leaders across a variety of sectors. Senior Chief Executive Officer and Executive level leaders, young aspirational leaders, mature and experienced leaders made up the alumni and exposure to so many great minds was highly valuable. Add to that the brilliant thinkers who were presenters in the program and you have two of the most important weeks in my professional and personal journey. The content was challenging without being daunting and innovative with incredible relevance to my career. Worthy of note is the fact that the organisers had to quickly adapt the program to a fully online offering for both weeks. Their approach and the end result could easily have one thinking that it had always been designed that way. It was seamless. I cannot thank the organisers enough for this defining experience."

Eleanor Ingram, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Vice Chair, Transfolk of WA Incorporated, Certificate in Governance for Not-for-Profits - Governance Institute of Australia (2019)
Eleanor Ingram

"Being a newly incorporated body and NFP has meant that all our precious funding goes directly back to members and to delivering much need support to the community. This scholarship was such a fantastic opportunity, not just for me, but for the other board members, and organisation. It has been so valuable to help empower and equip us with the knowledge and guidance to operate more professionally, meet our governance responsibilities and grow the organisation. I found the course was really tailored well to the NFP sector, with relevant examples and in-depth course notes. Attending with a similar cohort enabled really meaningful discussion of our real-world challenges. The networking opportunity that came from this was valuable and I have maintained lasting connections and friendships."

Anne Fairbanks, State Councillor for Perth South electorate, Convenor of Training and Development and Vice President, WACSSO, Certificate in Governance for Not-for-Profits - Governance Institute of Australia (2019)
Anne Fairbanks

"Being awarded a scholarship to complete the Certificate in Governance for Not-For-Profits was a great opportunity. The knowledge I gained about governance in the NFP sector has helped me be more effective in my Committee role, and the connections made with fellow participants have been invaluable to the organisation."

Jessi Sutherland-Bruce, Human Resources Administration, Crosslinks, Graduate Certificate in HR Management - Edith Cowan University (2019)
Jessi Sutherland-Bruce

"The ASF scholarship has opened up unlimited doors in my career. Being able to study online, while working, to be able to better support my organisation was immensely valuable and will benefit both me and my place of work for years to come."

Donna Kerr, Head of Shared Services, QPCYWA, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2019)
Donna Kerr

"To be afforded an opportunity to attend such a high caliber training/forum was a privilege. Experiencing the forum and utilizing the resources available has provided a personal growth unmeasurable. Aspects have assisted me within my professional sphere and personally."

Lawson Smith, Programs Manager, Dismantle, New Leaders Development Program – Melbourne Business School (2019)
Lawson Smith

"The New Leaders Development Program is your license to take a week of reflection, learning and input that you could never otherwise justify. This program is an investment in you as a new manager that pays dividends in the form of a healthy and high-performance team, when you return to your workplace equipped with a toolbox of new skills."

Tanya Hall, CEO, hearts4heart, Governance Foundations for NFP Directors – AICD (2019)
Tanya Hall

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough. The course has improved my overall knowledge of Governance which has greatly benefited our organisation. This course will offer a lot of insight into all aspects of what is required to run a sustainable charity that includes the strategic planning process, risk management, finance and more."

Annie Wylie, Senior Manager - Digital Content, ReachOut Australia, New Leaders Development Program – Melbourne Business School (2019)
Annie Wylie

"The New Leaders Development Program gave me the time to reflect, reset and try new things in a safe and supportive environment. Within months of finishing the program I’d had multiple senior leaders comment on the changes they’d noticed and I was offered the change to act up into a senior manager role, managing a whole vertical of the service and team."

Blair Hallion, Development Manager, Bethanie Group, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2019)
Blair Hallion

"The Scholarship provided me a once in a lifetime opportunity to be surrounded with some of the best likeminded young leaders throughout Australia. Having a week to develop and refine my personal and professional skills with some extremely inspiring people is something that I am very grateful for."

Zac Lewis, Food Programs and Partnerships Manager, Foodbank Victoria, Master of Business Administration - Kaplan Business School (2019)
Zac Lewis

"I have been incredibly fortunate to be offered the opportunity to undertake an MBA by the Australian Scholarship Foundation.

I was looking for a challenging opportunity to grow as a leader and strengthen my skills in organisational strategy. Approaching the halfway mark of my MBA, I have found this course to be exactly what I was looking for. This MBA has brought relevant content, theory and real-world practice together in a learning environment that been both challenging and enriching. The flexible options for study have meant I have been able to undertake this study while also working full time.

This opportunity could not have come at a better time. The Covid-19 pandemic has applied tremendous pressure to the not-for-profit sector, which must now adapt to a new “Covid-normal” business as usual. This requires innovative leadership and strategic business skills, capacity which the Australian Scholarship Foundation are helping to develop though this scholarship program.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Australian Scholarship Foundation and Kaplan Business School for this opportunity. I would also encourage anyone looking to make the next leap in their career to consider applying for an ASF scholarship!"

Matthew Schull, Business Development Manager, UnitingCare Queensland, Master of Business Administration - Kaplan Business School (2019)
Matthew Schull

"I was looking for a challenge and for me, continuing study both met that challenge and at the same time has provided a new and different perspective on how I approach work assignments, priorities and issues. I have now completed two postgraduate MBA subjects at Kaplan. Combining full-time work and study has its own challenges. At the same time, we have all been adapting to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic response – at least I have used the extra time at home productively! I would encourage anyone looking for a challenge and opportunity to consider further study options. And also the available scholarship opportunities."

Jennifer Persaud, Manager for Health, Education and Research Programmes, Arthritis and Osteoporosis Western Australia (AOWA), Graduate Certificate in Social Impact - Bankwest Foundation / Centre for Social Impact UWA (2019)
Jennifer Persaud

"Receiving an ASF / Bankwest Foundation scholarship has provided me with access to high quality post graduate education that would have otherwise been unreachable for me. In addition, I am delighted and honoured to have received the Julie Michael Memorial Award Prize. It is thanks to the generosity of scholarships and awards donors that I have been able to benefit through the gift of education."

Alan Wu, Member of the Board, Oxfam Australia, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2019) 
Alan Wu

"The McKinsey Young Leaders Forum is an opportunity to take a step back from the everyday pressures of work to think a bit more strategically about what motivates you, how and where you can best make a contribution, and what type of approach and skillset you need to get there. This is the type of reflection that helps you rediscover those early, unadulterated ambitions that are truly worthy of guiding your work, and that then helps you build a plan to realise them."

Jael Johnson, Business Manager, Theatre Kimberley, Certificate in Governance for Not-for-Profits - Governance Institute of Australia (2019)
Jael Johnson

"I’m very appreciative of the Australian Scholarships Foundation support which allowed me to complete a Certificate in Governance for Not-For-Profits. Over 3 days, we covered a lot of useful and relevant topics, including: Financial Management; Risk Management; Compliance; Legal Structures; NFP Boards Roles and Responsibilities. Together they provided a thorough overview and the speakers were fantastic – all very knowledgeable and interesting. I live 2000 km north of Perth, in Western Australia, and I work for a very small NFP. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to receive an ASF scholarship, there’s no way I would have been able to attend this training. I also sit on the Board of two local NFPs so the training has benefitted them as well. Thank you again for the opportunity."

Paul Barcham, Development Manager, Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2019)
Paul Barcham

"This is an outstanding course that will push you to think differently about yourself, your workplace and the world around you. If you prefer to take a back seat at a conference, this one is not for you!"

Gillian Arkell, Board Director, Access Plus WA Deaf, Diploma of Business (Governance) - Institute of Community Directors (2019)
Gillian Arkell

"The course helped me fully understand the responsibility of an organisation towards the community it represents through best management practice of board members and stakeholders and the importance of good working policies to best serve the community."

Jonine Collins, State Manager, Stroke Foundation, Diploma of Business (Governance) - Institute of Community Directors (2019)
Angela Lewis

"I found completing the Diploma in Business (Governance) a very useful and valuable experience. I have worked in the NFP sector for many years and most recently have taken on some Board Director roles. The content of the course had practical applicability and gave me a more informed, confident and solid platform in which to engage and contribute to the Boards that I am a part of. The course is designed to allow you to draw and reflect on experiences and also apply the knowledge provided to either a work situation or in your capacity as a Board Director. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone that is considering a Governance or Senior Executive role in the NFP sector."

Angela Lewis, Captain, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2019)
Angela Lewis

"With the Australian Scholarships Foundation's support, I was able to participate in the McKinsey Young Leaders Forum 2019. The forum challenged me by facilitating taking time out to look at myself as a leader; something which I have not done before. Throughout the program, I discovered my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and headed back into my workplace with renewed confidence in skills I already have (some of which I didn’t know I had) and ideas on how I would like to progress as a leader in the future."

Kelsie Clarke, Non-Executive Board Director, Engineers Without Borders, Diploma of Business (Governance) - Institute of Community Directors Australia (2019)
Kelsie Clarke

"Thank you to the ASF for supporting me to study ICDA's Diploma of Business (Governance). The course has enabled me to bring expertise and heighten my value as a board member of a medium-sized Australian not-for-profit."

Brett Fowler, Board Member, Tiny Sparks WA, Diploma of Business (Governance) - Institute of Community Directors Australia (2019) 
Brett Fowler

"One thing you quickly realise as a Board Member for a charity is that every dollar that the charity receives is extremely important. For Tiny Sparks WA, we operate with Board Members and volunteers to support WA families who experience the challenges and uncertainty of premature and high risk pregnancies. I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship opportunity through the Australian Scholarships Foundation to improve our board processes and knowledge base by undertaking the Diploma of Business (Governance) at the Institute of Community Directors Australia. The scholarship meant I was able to undertake this course with no detriment to Tiny Sparks, with our much needed funding going towards supporting families who need it most at their most challenging times. I would encourage everyone to apply for a scholarship; the course itself was great and highly beneficial, and coupled with the scholarship funding meant Tiny Sparks is now well postured to strive into the future."

Joanne Carub, Finance Officer, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM), CPA Program - CPA Australia (2019)
Joanne Carub

"CPA program has exposed me to a diverse range of roles available to CPA qualified professionals. It is more than technical accounting knowledge but also teaches skills in leadership, strategy and business giving me direction and clarity to the type of business professional I want to be. Together with my NFP organisation we have created my career development plan and taking actionable steps towards my career goals. As a result, I am motivated, engaged and excited with my work. I am grateful for this opportunity and am committed to giving back to CPA Australia. I now volunteer as a committee member for the #ForPurpose Network, a discussion group for finance leaders in the NFP and Public Sector."

Daniel Lombardo, Business Development Manager, Telethon Speech and Hearing Ltd, Diploma of Business (Governance) - Institute of Community Directors Australia (2019)
Daniel Lombardo

"I cannot speak highly enough of the Australian Institute of Community Director's Diploma of Business (Governance) qualification. The mixture of face to face group sessions and online learning has provided me with an in depth understanding of the legal obligations, roles and responsibilities of being a director of a not-for-profit organisation. I particularly enjoyed the financial module which I believe is crucial for all directors to be able to readily assess their organisation's profitability, liquidity and to make sound decisions ensuring the organisation remains solvent. I would like to thank the Bankwest Foundation and the Australian Scholarships Foundation for the opportunity to further my skill set as a director."

Trent Miller, Performance and Partnership Leader, Youth Projects, New Leaders Development Program – Melbourne Business School (2019)
Trent Miller

"The biggest highlight of this program are the incredible lifelong friends I have made, all on a similar journey, sharing experience and practices was invaluable. This program equipped me with the tools to help me be the best that I can be. It has taught me that people are above all else, we should listen to hear, not listen to respond."

Click here to view Trent's Scholar Profile

Thomas Lopez, State Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, Australian Schools Plus, New Leaders Development Program – Melbourne Business School (2019)
Thomas Lopez

"Attending the New Leaders Development course was possibly the best week of my professional career. I learnt tools and techniques that will allow me to be a more effective leader. Thank you, Australian Scholarships Foundation, for making it happen."

Click here to view Thomas' Scholar Profile

Ryan Kiddle, Senior Manager – Social & Community Groups, The Disability Trust, Young Leaders Forum - McKinsey Academy (2019)
Ryan Kiddle

"I had always wanted to access a program like what’s offered by the McKinsey Academy and accessing the ASF scholarship allowed me to not only improve as leader, but meet and be a part of a group of likeminded individuals who, regardless of industry or background, have the same passion for growth, innovation and opportunity as I do."

Click here to view Ryan's Scholar Profile

Jessie Rudd, General Manager of Development & Communications, SurfAid International, New Leaders Development Program – Melbourne Business School (2019)
Jessie Rudd

"The New Leaders Development Program at the Melbourne School of Business was powerfully interactive and grounded in real-world practical and implementable solutions to everyday leadership challenges – an absolute must for anyone stepping into a leadership role."

Click here to view Jessie's Scholar Profile

Tessa Leschen ,Brand Engagement Manager, Therapy Focus, Strategic Social Media - AIM WA + UWA Executive Education (2019)
Tessa Leschen

"This scholarship afforded me the opportunity to apply the critical thinking and a strategic approaches required to elevate our current business practices. Access to subject matter experts and leading agencies is an opportunity which isn’t often available to the NFP world, and for that I am very grateful for the experience."

Click here to view Tessa's Scholar Profile

Lauren Osbich, Board Director and Board Secretary of the Prisoners’ Aid Association NSW (PAA) and Board Director of McDonald’s College, Governance Foundations for NFP Directors – AICD (2019)
Lauren Osbich

"The Governance Foundations for Not-for-Profit Directors course is an excellent introduction for NFP directors who are either new to the NFP sector or need to brush up on skills and learn how their corporate knowledge needs to be transformed to be applied to NFP organisations. The contacts I made and information I learnt in this course have been invaluable to make me a more effective board director who knows the limits of my organisations and how they can best impact their respective sectors."

Click here to view Lauren's Scholar Profile

Erika Webb, Administration/Advocacy Officer, Blind Citizens WA, Diploma of Business (Governance) - Institute of Community Directors Australia (2019)
Erika Webb

"Without the scholarship from Australian Scholarships Foundation, I would not have been able to do the Diploma of Business (Governance) delivered by the Institute of Community Directors Australia. The not-for-profit organisation I work for has such limited funding that a training opportunity like this would be out of reach. The Diploma of Business (Governance) has helped our organisation to turn around from being a struggling group of well intended volunteers to being an effective Board of an organisation on its way up."

Nikki Jordan, Strategic Coordinator, Primary Mental Health Services, Grand Pacific Health Limited, Master of Business Administration - Kaplan Business School (2019)
Nikki Jordan

"I am only in week 8 and have already gotten more from the course than I had hoped. Whilst the academic knowledge is incredibly useful, it is the way in which we are encouraged to reflect on the personal and professional use of the learnings that has been so invaluable. It has already allowed me to make valuable shifts and changes in my work already. The lecturers and school are very committed to the students and have been very responsive and helpful at every step. It is no stretch to say that if it wasn’t for ASF and KBS providing such a generous scholarship, I would not have been able to enrol in this MBA."

Laura Alston, Board Director, Women's Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West, Women's Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West Incorporated, Master of Business Administration - Kaplan Business School (2019)
Laura Alston

"As a mum of young children, along with living rurally and after spending 4 years as a PhD student, the dream of being able to afford to do an MBA was at least a decade away for me. Following finishing my PhD, I was recruited to the Board of a not-for-profit rural organisation, and it became clear that there was a need for rural women, like me, to upskill with MBA knowledge. Receiving the ASF scholarship has made this dream come true and I know I will be able to use the skills for the rest of my working life, to continue contributing to not-for-profit Boards as an enthusiastic, passionate rural woman and hopefully inspire others to take on leadership roles too."

Monique Williamson, CEO, Mental Illness Fellowship of WA Inc (MIFWA), Master of Business Administration - Kaplan Business School (2019)
Monique Williamson

"I am very pleased to have received the ASF scholarship. Investing in leadership in the not for profit sector is critical. We do important work and delivering on our mission takes more than passion and commitment alone. I am finding the course to be relevant and challenging (in a positive way). I am challenged to expand my thinking and build personal reflection, these are great leadership attributes. As I have been leading through the current pandemic situation, the MBA has given me a depth of insight into what factors are important in leadership and it has helped me keep our organisation strong and thriving, when people need us most. ASF is a great initiative that will serve our communities and society well."

Jennifer Duncan, Vice President, Youth Affairs Council of South Australia, Doctor of Business Leadership - AGSL at Torrens University (2019)
Jennifer Duncan

"In 2019, I commenced the Doctor of Business Leadership with the Australian Graduate School of Leadership at Torrens University Australia. My enrolment received vital scholarship support through AGSL and the Australian Scholarships Foundation. The content and impact of the program has exceeded my expectations. The opportunity to dive deep into my personal leadership methodology and how it affects the organisations I work with has been enormously valuable. What I’ve learned to date has directly contributed to the work I do as a not-for-profit director and executive; within the first year of starting the program I'm already seeing its impacts on my own practice and its contribution to improved organisational processes and outcomes. Stimulating and challenging, it has me firing on all cylinders and thinking more creatively than ever before. Recommended highly."

Meredith New, Finance and Compliance Officer, Good2Give, CPA Program - CPA Australia (2019)
Meredith New

"The CPA Program has consolidated my knowledge and helped me to gain valuable skills that I use in my work every day. Working at a small not-for-profit, it is essential that I have the financial, accounting and business competency which the CPA Program provides. The scholarship has allowed me to work more effectively and bring a greater contribution to the not-for-profit sector."

Mario Gomes, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Holyoake, Strategic Social Media - AIM WA + UWA Executive Education (2019)
Mario Gomes

"I recommend the Strategic Social Media course to those who seek to optimise the rapidly evolving world of social media. It is an intensive course with practical knowledge for better engagement and outcomes. I plan to incorporate the learnings in Holyoake’s marketing strategy."

Rohan Braddy, Chief Executive Officer, Mambourin Enterprises Ltd, Master of Business Administration - Kaplan Business School (graduated 2018)
Rohan Braddy

"The MBA has been nothing less than transformative. There is literally no aspect of my professional role that has not been positively impacted by it – leadership, finance, HR, marketing, knowledge management, operations, governance, understanding economic drivers, gaining insight into customer behaviour and better aligning our products with customer needs, new business perspectives, better communication, coaching and mentoring, focused on creating a more positive culture, the list goes on. We have conducted a digital audit and have a new digital strategy aligned with sales, marketing and operational objectives, we have a data analytics strategy, a VR development program, virtual teams. We continue to explore strategic concepts such as mission focus (and mission drift), market sensitivity, and fit-for-purpose organisational structure. We have probed deeply into the concept that organisations need to matter, and asked ourselves what difference would it make to the people we support if we ceased to exist tomorrow? I take the opportunity to step back from day-to-day pressures to examine and reflect upon new ways of looking at issues and seeking alternative insights. In short, the MBA has been a game-changer."

David Ireland, Adjunct Professor, University of Queensland Business School and Chief Innovation Officer, ThinkPlace, Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Non-Profit Leadership (2018)
David Ireland

"The Fulbright scholarship opens doors; doors to people, doors to amazing insights, and even a door that creates the time and space for you to explore a topic deeply. Even if I had managed to give myself four months of time to work on my topic, I would never have access to the same calibre of people. Everyone knows the Fulbright brand and they go out of their way to help you. With this opportunity, Fulbright let’s you build your skills and networks so you can come back and have the impact you want in the communities you work in."

Gordon Duff, General Manager, Sector Development and Research for National Disability Services, Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Non-Profit Leadership (2018)
Gordon Duff

"Australia is prioritising policy reforms in the ‘personalisation’ and ‘marketisation’ of social care as means to develop a contemporary disability service system. A coherent, appropriately funded national disability research and innovation agenda is required – one that generates new insights that are effectively mobilised to a range of stakeholders. This Scholarship has the potential to significantly and positively impact proposals for the establishment of a national disability research and innovation agency in Australia. It will provide the opportunity to further marshal the arguments and evidence for a National Disability Research Partnership, informing its vision, mission and values, together with strategy, organisational design, and work programme.

The Fulbright scholarship provides an incredible opportunity to inform my work on developing policy and research that stimulates and rewards innovation in the context of current reforms to the Australian disability sector. I will be gathering insights from US agencies that demonstrate thought leadership and global best practice in the facilitation of research based innovation in disability services, and forming new strategic international relationships that will facilitate future information exchanges."

Luisa Diaz-Zeledon, Regional Accountant at Anglicare Victoria, Scholarship for CPA Australia - CPA Program (2018)
Luisa Diaz-Zeledon

"Getting the scholarship was one of the most exciting things to happen to me in years. Every subject, every module enriches my knowledge and I can see how it can be applied to my day-to-day work. I can definitely see the difference in my decision-making process and the way I see accounting practice now.

The fact that CPA is flexible allows me to use a self-paced approach which has helped me maintain a balance between my personal, work and academic life; being able to be a mum, worker and student all at the same time - who would have thought this would be possible?

I’m looking forward to the next subject and being challenged with the other modules CPA has to offer. I’m extremely grateful for CPA and ASF giving me the opportunity to expand my horizons and help people through my work."

Annie Harris, Finance Manager at Brisbane Youth Service, Scholarship for CPA Australia - CPA Program (2018)
Annie Harris

"I was so delighted when I was accepted in the CPA Program scholarship because it is such a valuable opportunity. I have been in the industry over 10 years and this scholarship is enabling me to continue to my studies and achieve my professional goals. The professional knowledge and accounting skills from CPA Program have assisted me to be a well-equipped Finance Manager and handle various challenging issues in the sector.

My current employer, Brisbane Youth Service, provide a wide range of support services to vulnerable young people in wide Brisbane areas. The services are; Housing, Health, Youth advocacy, Emergency relief and Support for young women and young families. As Finance Manager, I not only utilise a high level of accounting knowledge and skills from the CPA program in my daily work, but also apply management and analytical skills to lead the Finance Team to produce high quality financial reports that respond to the industry specific needs. I am passionate about working in the not-for-profit sector and the CPA Program scholarship has successfully provided me the essential skills to be able to perform and contribute to the sector."

Jeremy Bonken, Senior Manager HR, ICT & Compliance at Prahran Mission, Scholarship for Kaplan Business School - Master of Business Administration (2018)

"The Australian Scholarships Foundation and Kaplan Business School have been beyond terrific. It’s been a very well-organised process. Nothing has been too much trouble and through the efforts of ASF and KBS - I have been able to commence this course of study with great confidence in both organisations.

The course content is interesting and very educative - available online and well in advance of workshops which are facilitated by excellent academics.

The NFP sector is being fundamentally revolutionised with the continuing rollout of NDIS along with the quickening pace of evolution within the NFP sector itself - including continued growth in the area of compliance with a myriad of standards and government legislation.

The knowledge, skill and qualifications gained from studying via an MBA Scholarship will further equip leaders within the NFP sector to realise the continuing goals of remaining compassionate, competitive and excellent ‘providers of choice’. This has a direct and enduring impact on the lives of those who have benefitted and will benefit from the client-first focus of NFPs for many years to come.

Kaplan have been very professional, well-organised and so very helpful. My comments about feeling assured are linked to the fact that help is available if I need it. Just knowing that Kaplan want you to get the very best out of the course is incredibly engaging. Thanks to ASF and KBS, I have access to tremendous learning and growth."

Brett Tillotson, Finance Officer at Melbourne Legacy, Scholarship for CPA Australia - CPA Program (2018)
Brett Tillotson

"I have now finished 3 of the required 6 subjects (providing I pass the exam I just did today) and have found the program extremely beneficial to my career and more importantly to my current job at Melbourne Legacy where reporting on more than just financial numbers in an annual report is required. I have been able to provide feedback to management and engage in conversation with them around providing more valuable reporting on our social initiatives and the social impact of our services to our stakeholders.

The scholarship awarded to me by ASF and CPA has allowed me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, I have gained confidence in my professional capabilities and in my ability to provide more valuable skills to my employer. The financial value of my scholarship is also saving Melbourne Legacy close to $10,000 which can be redirected to our most financially distressed clients. The benefit is both financial and in terms of the quality of my work.

I look forward to successfully completing the remaining 3 subjects of my CPA program thanks to ASF and CPA, the scholarship really is very much appreciated."

Coralia Mielczarek, Management Accountant at STREAT, Scholarship for CPA Australia - National Not-for-Profit Conference (2018)

"As a result of attending the CPA National NFP Conference, I was able to bring back a refreshed view on how to best assist STREAT in becoming a more sustainable and innovative NFP and hospitality business. I learned how to maintain a clear mission and stay aligned to the ultimate goal (both internally and externally in the business), how to create an innovative NFP and increase social impact & awareness, how the use of appropriate technology can greatly increase a NFP’s efficiency and revenue, and how a NFP can build business models for financial resilience and social impact."

Jessica Blaxland Ashby, Business Manager at Marian St Theatre for Young People, Scholarship for HerBusiness - Get the Email Marketing Edge and Offers That Sell (2017)
Jessica Blaxland Ashby

"I was very generously given the course on a scholarship, which has already given me so much. As an organisation over 45 years old, we're notoriously quite set in our ways. However, over the past year we have transitioned hugely, including taking payments online (gasp!), redesigning the website, changing ticketing agents and...as of yesterday, fully implementing a new CRM software. I couldn't have done this recent transition without you, and already the organisation is seeing big benefits, including enabling an employee to return to work now she has a new baby - this just happened today!!

This year we saw a growth of 30-50% in the drama school through marketing and through a more online approach. Next year, I hope we'll sell out the drama school through the techniques I've been learning. This will enable us to become an organisation that is no longer reliant on the whims and mercy of our local council... I'm very aware of the enormous privilege it is to gain from the vast experience of the others in the room, as well as the incredible expertise from HerBusiness.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the courses and am so in awe of the other women in the room. It really is a powerhouse, and extraordinary community that you should be so proud of creating."

James Cameron, Finance Manager at Surf Life Saving Australia, Scholarship for CPA Australia - CPA Program Scholarship (2016)
James Cameron

"The first year of my study with CPA Australia has been extremely rewarding. Already I have increased my knowledge in key areas that have helped me in my role as Finance Manager at Surf Life Saving Australia. I am looking forward to continuing with the program which will bring long term benefits to both me and SLSA. I am grateful to the Australian Scholarships Foundation for their support."

Inesha Dassanayaka, Accountant at Fronditha Care, Scholarship for CPA Australia - CPA Program Scholarship (2016)

"The CPA program and subjects that I have undertaken this year have really widened my knowledge in principals of financing and its applications. I am able to see many different aspects and follow through with my tasks confidently to make financial services more coherent and efficient at work. I feel I am better equipped and more confident and enthusiastic than ever."

John Dorrian, National Board Member at Australian Red Cross Society, Scholarship for AICD - Advanced NFP Governance (February 2016)

"The Advanced Not For Profit Governance course provided valuable insights for directors in driving and monitoring the performance and sustainability of NFP organisations in Australia. The role of the Australian Scholarships Foundation in supporting the development of directors in the NFP sector is invaluable."

Tracy Hocking, Communications Coordinator at Cystic Fibrosis Victoria, Scholarship for Australian Businesswomen's Network - Fire Up Your Facebook Results Webinar (October 2014)
Tracy Hocking

"Marketing in the social media era relies heavily on building community. Using Facebook to strengthen this community, as outlined in this high quality webinar presented by the Australian Businesswomen’s Network Webinar, is highly beneficial for small businesses with limited budget.  Tips and techniques on advertising on Facebook have reaped wonderful results for us."

Kelly Eather, Communications and Development Specialist at The Greater Charitable Foundation, Scholarship for Australian Businesswomen's Network - Fire Up Your Facebook Results Webinar (October 2014)
Kelly Eather

"The ‘Fire Up Your Facebook Results’ webinar was fantastic. It shared both practical tips and insightful data regarding Facebook and other social media channels. This range of information was beneficial in allowing me to build a stronger social media strategy and emphasised what I needed to do to re-target our communications to be more effective."

Ian Davis, Chair, ANZUP Cancer Trials Group, Scholarship for AICD's Not-for-Profit Chairman Course (2015)

"I was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship from ASF to attend the Australian Institute of Company Directors “The Not-for-Profit Chairman Course” held in Melbourne on 11 February 2015.

This one-day course was very valuable. It has given me a great deal to think about in my role as chair of a not-for-profit company, ANZUP Cancer Trials Group, which also provided me with very substantial resources to improve my practice in this role. The course was pitched very appropriately and the facilitator was outstanding. The case studies were highly relevant and challenging. I also found it very valuable to meet with other people in similar situations to mine but with distinct issues and different approaches. The day also included a great presentation from a senior Perpetual director who is also involved in NFP enterprises.

I would like to express my gratitude to ASF as well as to Perpetual, the JS Love Trust, and the Australian Institute of Company Directors for this opportunity and this valuable support. I am sure that ANZUP Cancer Trials Group and the other NFPs represented on the day will be stronger and more effective as a result."

Lynda Close, Brisbane Team Leader, Hear and Say - Centre for Deaf Children, Scholarship for University of Melbourne - Positive Leadership Development (2014)
Lynda Close

"Attendance at this course has been beneficial on both a personal and professional level in my role at Hear and Say as the Brisbane Team Leader. The things I learnt through the 2 day course have been shared with colleagues and we have plans to discuss and implement different aspects of the course at an organisational level.

The exceptional course, put together by Dr Adam Barsky and Associate Professor Lea Waters, covered a broad spectrum of practical positive leadership strategies and covered the underpinning evidence for succession the workplace when implementing these strategies. It was truly a pleasure to attend the 2 day course and I have in turn learnt a lot about my leadership strengths and style. I now have a number of different ways to approach my role as a team leader and enhance leadership throughout my team. Without this scholarship support, I would not have been able to attend this wonderful course."

Wendy Warren, Chief Executive, EBL Disability Services, Scholarship for Elkiem - Meikle Files Black Leadership Program (2013-2014)
Wendy Warren
"For many years I have searched to find a personal development program that truly inspired me as a NFP leader. Meikle Files Black Leadership Program is the one! Program creator and facilitator, Andrew Meikle is an insightful person who stimulated and challenged my thinking from the very beginning. We examined concepts of leadership and high performing cultures in a way that helped me understand the true impacts of my behaviours on the team. Throughout the program we explored the psyche of world leaders and high performers which opened my mind to so many more possibilities. I now feel better equipped to steer our team toward success through radical sector change. If you have a chance to be part of this exceptional program, do whatever it takes!"

Jessica Redwood, Deputy Director (Business Development), International Social Service Australia, Scholarship for Deakin University - MBA Residential Units (2013)

"This course has been very valuable in understanding and expanding on key financial skills. Times are changing to see not-for-profit organisations requiring the same level of financial capability and accountability as corporates and this course has been key to me understanding how to be more financially business minded and make strategic financial decisions so that my organisation can have the finances to do what it does best, help others and make positive change."

Ekaterina Kullengren, Operations Manager, Social Leadership Australia - Benevolent Society, Scholarship for University of Melbourne - Strategic Financial Analysis (March, 2013)
Ekaterina Kullengren
"This course has been very valuable in understanding and expanding on key financial skills. Times are changing to see not-for-profit organisations requiring the same level of financial capability and accountability as corporates and this course has been key to me understanding how to be more financially business minded and make strategic financial decisions so that my organisation can have the finances to do what it does best, help others and make positive change."

Gael Evans-Barr, Public Health Coordinator, Cancer Council Queensland, Scholarship for Deakin University - MBA Residential Units (2012)
Gael Evans Barr
"Thank you ASF and supporters, your hard work and ongoing support is making a dramatic difference to many organisations and employees in this much needed sector.Being awarded a scholarship to attend a Deakin Residential Unit in order to aid the completion of my MBA, specialising in Health and Human Services, was a wonderful opportunity. One that both my employer and I would not have been able to deem financially viable in ordinary circumstances.I would like to sincerely thank ASF for their work supporting those employed in the not-for-profit sector."

AMANDA ALLEN, Projects Manager and Quality Assurance, Alzheimer's Australia, Scholarship for AIM Diploma of Project Management
Amanda Allen
"I would like to thank the Australian Scholarship Foundation for the opportunity to complete the Diploma of Project Management. As with any charity, my employer is challenged by the need to develop the capacity of staff at minimal cost so the scholarship was greatly appreciated. This course increased my skills in Project Management and as a result I am more confident in managing them more efficiently and effectively and have been able to develop a range of resources to support the better management of projects within the organisation. The course itself was very well run and was a great combination of classroom study, self-paced learning and practical application."

KATE O’REILLY, Treasurer/Board Member, UN Women, Scholarship for AICD Company Directors Course
Kate O'Reilly
"The opportunity to study the Company Director's course with the Australian Institute of Company Director's has been invaluable. Being able to join a diverse group of public and private sector Directors, CEOs and CFOs to discuss the critical areas of risk and strategy for Boards has provided me with so many new insights and practical tools to help me manage risk and liabilities in my organisations. The course has also given me a much greater confidence in my financial management and governance skills. Thanks so much to the Australian Scholarships Foundation and the Australian Institute of Company Director's for this opportunity."

TRACIE SANIM, Acting Operations Manager Parenting, Cape York Partnerships, Scholarship for Australian Institute of Management - Diploma of Project Management
Tracie Sanim

"I was awarded a scholarship via your organisation to undertake the Australian Institute of Management’s Diploma of Project Management. Last week I attended the Sydney venue to undertake the first component of this Diploma. I would like to provide you with some feedback in relation to the time I spent beginning this work. It has been several years since I have undertaken any form of study and I was somewhat apprehensive in relation to my ability to effectively participate within this arena. However my experience with AIM was well beyond anything I could have hoped for.
The facilitator – Celestine Michel – was logical, inclusive and very knowledgeable. Consistently she provided relevant and valuable examples to bring to life the concepts and processes she was describing. Her presentation skills are among the best I have encountered. I was surprised at how much I actually did know – this work was invaluable in assisting me place an “order” and framework around my daily work requirements. I have been extolling the value and relevance of this course to all my work colleagues since my return.

As a result of my experiences last week (aside from the shocking flight home to Cairns) I am immensely excited about the next phase of this opportunity. Since then I have found myself scouring the AIM course guide and am even planning beyond completion of this diploma – now that the AIM classroom has been demystified and is not as formidable as I thought!"

MIKE MEYER, Managing Director, Inspire Community Services, Scholarship for UTS NFP Management Development Program, April 2011

"Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend this fabulous workshop.The information, the group involvement and the networking was sensational."

ROWAN WOOD, Program Manager, River Recovery, Greening Australia, Scholarship for UTS Accounting for Non-Accountants, February 2010

"Recently I was lucky enough to gain a full ASF scholarship to attend the Accounting for Non-Accountants course through UTS, and found the course to be extremely rewarding. This course has given me a far greater understanding of the processes behind accountancy, which while  not core to my role is an area I need to understand. Scholarships such as this are very important to the NPF sector, often we find our budgets are stretched and being able to increase the skills and capacity of staff through formal training can be pushed to sideline even though it is essential to increasing our ability to make a difference in our respective fields. I am extremely glad I applied for a scholarship, and believe ASF program is a valuable resource that more NFPs should utilise."

REBECCA SOBCZAK, Senior Program/Policy Analyst, The Smith Family, Scholarship for Australian Institute of Management - Assertiveness Techniques, 2010

"Thanks for the opportunity to attend AIM's Assertiveness Techniques course at the end of 2010. The trainer - Robbie Singleton - was exceptional and facilitated an excellent blend of theory and practice. There were plenty of opportunities to role play hypothetical situations as well as offering real life examples - and the chance to work through them - if you were comfortable doing this. I learnt new ways to approach challenging conversations that will enrich my professional and personal life. "

KERRIE NOONAN, Program Manager, Home Hospice, Scholarship for Social Media Marketing Practice, UTS, September 2009

"As a result of attending the course we are looking at how social networking can support our volunteers, and have reviewed some of our social marketing practices.
I think the possibilities are endless. There are many ways we can utilise social media to tell stories and provide information to caregivers at end-of-life.  
Like many not for profits, our organisation is reliant on a very small paid team and a large number of volunteers, so allocating resources towards training can be challenging. I see training and development as essential to the NFP sector, and the courses that the ASF offer enable people in the NFP sector access to programs that may not otherwise be there. Thank you for this opportunity."

TIM CURRAN, CEO, CareWest, Scholarship for AICD Company Directors Course, August 2009
Tim_Curran"The CDC was tremendous. It was jam packed with information but structured in a way that enabled participants to quickly acquire a sound understanding of basic governance concepts. There are probably half a dozen simple techniques or tools that I picked up which will enhance my contribution to the organisations I work with, however it was the learning around risk management which will have the most profound impact on my approach as a director and CEO.  The vast majority of NFPs are service providers, and as service providers all of what they do is accomplished through their people. Success follows when an NFP’s staff and volunteers are engaged, knowledgeable and focussed, and these things come through training and ongoing person al and professional development."


KERRIE BARNETT, National Manager - Fundraising Support, Mission Australia, Scholarship for "Managing Customer Relationships", UTS, September 2009


"As a result of the course I was able to learn new skills related to the cost of acquisitions. I am now able to pass on to colleagues many new methods to improve response rates for acquisition campaigns and know how to compute Customer Lifetime value. I am able to understand the distinction between market & customer segmentation.
Access to quality training and development for individuals employed in the not-for-profit sector is vital for a number of reasons:
1. It helps to attract and retain staff, 2. It supports the organisation to operate at a level equal to its for-profit peers, and 3. It ensures that individuals employed in this sector are using best practise methodologies in their work with communities and governments.

MARK HOLLINGSWORTH, Director - Global Voices, Committee Member - Emerging Leaders for Social Change
Mark Hollingsworth"On Friday the 18th of March I had the pleasure of being able to complete the Project Management Training at Corrs Chambers Westgarth through a scholarship with the Australian Scholarships Foundation.

Like many attendees there, I had also run a number of projects previously but with a strong action orientated approach. The training helped reinforce some of the things I already did well while outlining the importance of planning and checking ongoing progress and milestones against planning documents and updating or distributing them when necessary. It also helped show me the importance of having one centralised project document and system that can be shared across project management teams.

I was also very impressed by the calibre of attendees at this training whom contributed a great source of knowledge throughout the course, thank you for the opportunity to attend.

JANA FAVERO, Marketing Program Manager, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Scholarship for University of Melbourne's Strategic Marketing course

"Thanks to Australian Scholarship Foundation, I was able to take part in Melbourne University's Executive Education intensive Market Leadership through Strategic Marketing program.  This program was beneficial as I am responsible for using my marketing skills to help generate income to run the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre's (ASRC) 25 programs and change community attitudes towards asylum seekers. I have already been able to use some of the practical tools and advice from the program.  I was able to refresh my marketing skills, hear new marketing innovation and meet other marketing professionals.  At the ASRC we do not have any professional development budget, therefore the only way I was able to take part in the program was thanks to ASF.  Having the opportunity to take part in the program through ASF has had a direct benefit on the impact of my work with some of our community's most vulnerable people.

Thanks and I am sure I'll be in touch again soon - especially as more Executive Education scholarships become available.

ISABEL HOHNEN, Project Administrator, Australian Alliance for Children & Youth, Scholarship for Project Management Workshop, March 2011
Isabel Hohnen
"Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the workshop – it was very informative. What I got out of it: being provided with workable project management templates that I can take back to my organisation & implement in project planning and management in the future."

BRITTA MEYER, Manager Operational Services, Identitywa, Scholarship for University of Melbourne's Executive Decision-Making course
Britta Meyer
"I would like to thank the Scholarship Foundation  for the fantastic learning opportunity. The course was worth travelling across the Nullabor. I have attended a series of professional development over the years and I must say the course was one of the best I have ever attended. It certainly will help with the negotiations with our teams and key stakeholders. I am even considering signing up with the next course in September."

KAREN KANDUR, Finance Manager, Opportunity International Australia, Scholarship for ICAA Business Forum, May 2010
Karen Kandur
"Attending the ICAA Business Forum in May 2010 benefited both myself and my employer, Opportunity Australia in a number of ways:
  • Technical sessions equipped me with invaluable knowledge about changes in financial reporting and general business principles that will effect our organisation.
  • The lunchtime panel discussion on effective corporate responsibility provided me with an insight into building effective partnerships with corporations now and in the future. I was also enthused to see how many opportunities there are for such collaborations and also that a number of larger Australian corporations are already leading the way in this area.
  • The leadership and personal development sessions were interactive and fun; I learned many practical ways to engage and influence my colleagues effectively.
Education sessions are valuable for all professionals. However, as an employee of a not-for-profit organisation it is vital to improve my skills, learn how to increase efficiency and network with industry professionals. Thank you to Amy, the Australian Scholarship Foundation and the Institute of Chartered Accountants for giving me the opportunity to attend this Forum. Without your support I would not have been able to access such vital training!"