AICD Governance Scholarships 2018/19 - Thank You Print


Congratulations to 140 AICD Scholarship

Recipients Australia-wide

ASF and the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) have recently awarded 140 scholarships for several AICD short courses, designed specifically for board directors, chairs and executives of charitable NFP organisations.

ASF was delighted to partner with the AICD to facilitate these scholarships by managing the application and assessment process. This year, we received over 500 scholarship applications from NFP directors, chairs and senior leaders looking to develop a deeper knowledge of the responsibilities of directorship, financial governance and performance issues relating to NFP organisations.

Congratulations to the 140 individuals who were awarded a place in one of these programs and thank you to all of the 500 applicants for your hard work and dedication to good governance. We encourage you to reapply next year and keep a look out for additional opportunities for professional development via ASF's website. Click here to read the general application feedback.

A big thank you also to our dedicated Assessment Panel who spent countless cumulative hours reviewing the 500+ applications. Your expertise and commitment to ASF's vision is unrivalled!

To find out more about the AICD scholarship program, click here.