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Congratulations Sydney Leadership Graduates!

Last week, the Benevolent Society celebrated the graduation of 25 people from its annual Sydney Leadership program, run by Social Leadership Australia. Launched over a decade ago, the program exists to build a new network of leaders with the skills and determination to create a fairer, more just society where everyone can thrive.

In its 15th year, the program is gaining momentum and credibility in the not-for-profit community for authentic, cutting-edge leadership. Among this year’s graduates were two ASF scholars, Rebecca MacFarling of Musica Viva and Celia Hodson of the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Australia. These scholars were generously funded by the Origin Foundation.

Director of Sales and Marketing at Musica Viva, Rebecca says Sydney Leadership has fundamentally changed the way she leads her team and has made her more aware of challenges, and more able to work with conflict. “The Sydney Leadership program teaches social leadership, where changes to values, beliefs and attitudes are required to move forward to solve big picture issues and mobilise people in order to do so."

"The course challenged me to reflect on my purpose, the roles I play in my organisation and my system, how to best use conflict to create innovation, and how to lead people to innovate.”

Newly appointed CEO of SSE Australia, Celia came into the program with a wealth of experience in supporting and advocating for social entrepreneurs, as a business person, entrepreneur and founder of one of the UK’s most successful social enterprise schools, The Eastern Enterprise Hub. Of Sydney Leadership, Celia says she was, “up for the challenge but not knowing what was in store. I have now learnt to relish the unexpected and step into adventure. Totally enjoyed the ride.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Celia on their achievement.

The Sydney Leadership program is set to run again in 2014.

Applications for community leaders are open now.

Rebecca MacFarling
Rebecca MacFarling

Social Leadership graduation 2013

Social Leadership graduation 2013

This year's 25 graduates