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NFP Scholarship Recipients Begin Elite Leadership Program


Pictured above: Andrew Meikle running the first day of the Meikle Files Black Leadership Program, 5th August, 2013.

In early August, twelve not-for-profit leaders gathered together for the first day of the renowned Meikle Files Black Leadership program.

Hosted by Elkiem over three intensive days, the program aims to challenge participants, providing a depth of understanding into specific areas of human psychology and behaviour, performance and change.

This unique leadership development program is the brainchild of Andrew Meikle, who bases his teachings on his extensive research, conducted over a 20 year period, into human high performance.

This year’s participants each demonstrated great potential to cause positive social change in their community and were each awarded a $20,000 scholarship to attend the Meikle Files Black program, generously provided by Andrew Meikle and facilitated by the Emerging Leaders for Social Change (ELSC) and ASF.

Of the first day of the program, Lisa Grinham, CEO of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Australia, says, “…I left the day feeling excited about executing what I’d learnt... A sure sign that the course has delivered is that not only can I quote the key learnings (and share them with whoever will listen!) but that I have put some into action within the first week. Talk about inspired learning!

Andrew Meikle’s extensive research across people from all walks of life in all sorts of roles ensures his insights are robust and applicable for all. At a personal level I feel I am already benefitting, and hope that improvements in my leadership approach will deliver better organisational performance. I am looking forward to the next instalment in October.”

Adam Davids, Program Manager at Career Trackers, also commented on the program, saying, “The course was intimate and challenged my strongest beliefs around how individuals achieve high performance. The course was intimate in a way that allowed us to explore Andrew's learnings as if he'd just walked away from the interview. When I walked away from day one of the course I felt as if I had just been let in on a few of the world’s big secrets. I have gained a huge advantage in understanding how high performance can be translated into areas such as being a professional, manager or an executive. I am really looking forward to practising what I have learned and integrating it with my passion to support the next generation of Indigenous Executives.”

The second instalment of the program will see our scholars delving into the specific circumstances that stimulate human beings to improve their performance, whilst the final session will investigate how to stimulate changes in human motivation in order to stimulate improvements in performance.

We’re certainly looking forward to checking in with each of our scholars at the end of the program.