The Australian Scholarships Foundation – ASF  is the only Australian organisation solely focused on funding and facilitating scholarships for Australian not-for-profit (NFP) directors and staff to undertake education, training and mentoring programs that improve their ability to lead and manage their organisations.

ASF is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and Australian charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ABN 83 420 919 581).

ASF works with a number of universities, education providers and supporters to access and make scholarships available in a growing range of leadership and management training programs. These include postgraduate university diplomas, certificate and degree courses, short management and other training programs and specialised mentoring services. Disciplines covered include leadership, finance, accounting and risk management, board governance, strategic planning, project management, marketing and social networking. 

ASF does not provide any education and training programs in its own right, although it works with education providers and private companies to deliver specific programs that meet NFP needs.

Full details, application forms and terms and conditions of current scholarships can be viewed at Open Scholarships and Frequently Asked Questions.

ASF is a proud member of Philanthropy Australia.

Fulbrighters become leaders in their fields

Fulbrighters become leaders in their fields

New research into the impact of the Fulbright Scholarships for not-for-profit leaders in Australia reveals returned scholars do remarkable things. 

Adam Davids, a proud Indigenous man, has just returned from a Fulbright Scholarship in the USA brimming with ideas on how to improve outcomes for Indigenous young people. 

Adam is director of learning at CareerTrackers, which is successfully tackling the 60 per cent drop-out rate for Indigenous university students.

“I have benefitted personally and professionally from the experience,” Adam says.

“I’ve been gifted insights into more than 100 years of impact driven by not for profits for minority people in the USA that have strong parallels to more recently established programs that serve Indigenous Australians.”

“I was welcomed by exceptional leaders within the Native American and African American community who reinforced my understanding of the key long-term investments needed to empower racial minority young people.”

Adam is one of 10 scholars who are unique in the international Fulbright alumni. They were recipients of the only Fulbright Scholarship in the world specifically for leaders of NGOs and not for profits.

The scholarships were a joint initiative of the Australian Scholarships Foundation, Origin Energy Foundation, and the Fulbright Commission in Australia.

And the three have collaborated again in commissioning research into the impact of the Fulbright Scholarships for not-for-profit leaders in Australia.

The research found that there were three benefits for the individuals:

  • a unique set of knowledge. 
  • strengthened leadership qualities; and 
  • increased access to opportunities;

The individual scholars were able to leverage these benefits into opportunities for their organisations and the sector in three ways:

  • bringing more funding to the sector. 
  • upskilling and influencing those around them; and  
  • pursuing new initiatives and bringing them to life;

Sean Barrett is the head of the Origin Energy Foundation, which was the inaugural funder of the Fulbright Scholarships and funded the research. He said it was notoriously difficult to measure and evaluate the value and impact of scholarships.

“So I regard this work as ground breaking,” he said.

“A key focus for the Origin Energy Foundation is assisting the NFP sector to improve its capacity through training and development. We have put more than $1 million into training and development opportunities so it is important that we can be reassured it is money well spent.”

Sam Sayers, chief executive officer of the Australian Scholarship Foundation, said: “The research with returned scholars showed they came back to do remarkable things. We hope that this research will convince other funders that there are tangible benefits to supporting the Fulbright Scholarships for not-for-profit leaders in Australia. Origin Energy Foundation pioneered the funding which has been taken up by Perpetual, but there are other opportunities.”

Tom Dougherty, executive director of the Australian-American Fulbright Commission, welcomed the research as further proof of the value of Fulbright Scholarships.

“Fulbrighters become leaders in their fields. Now we can see that Fulbrighters from the NFP field will similarly make substantial contributions to Australian society,” he said.

Scholarship applications are now open for the next round of Fulbright Scholarships and will close on 6 July 2020.

For more information and to apply, visit www.scholarships.org.au/educators/fulbright. 

Kaplan Business School MBA Scholarships 2020

100% MBA Scholarships for NFPs Australia-wide

Applications close 10 August

Master of Business Administration

Fulfil your dream of studying an MBA - and do it with a 100% scholarship - thanks to ASF and Kaplan Business School.

We're offering TEN not-for-profit leaders the chance to complete a world-class MBA qualification with a scholarship valued at $40,800.

Kaplan Business School’s MBA will provide you with valuable practical skills that will allow you to excel in a dynamic professional environment, apply strategic thinking skills, master key business challenges and become a successful leader. Benefit from the flexibility and diversity of a general Master of Business Administration or choose one of seven specialisations.

Recent scholarship recipient, Nikki Jordan of Grand Pacific Health Limited, began her MBA in 2019 and is already finding it valuable. “I have already gotten more from the course than I had hoped. It is no stretch to say that if it wasn’t for ASF and KBS providing such a generous scholarship, I would not have been able to enrol in this MBA."

Successful applicants will be able to study online or at any of the five campuses of Kaplan Business School, with a full-time or part-time study load, beginning in either Trimester 3, 2020 or Trimester 1, 2021.

If you're a senior NFP professional, manager or emerging leader, this is an incredible opportunity to advance your career, expand your professional network, and gain the skills you need to lead effectively and strategically. Here's how an MBA can boost your career in the NFP sector.

Click HERE to find out more and apply.

Applications close 10 August 2020 at 5pm AEST.

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